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Name: ___________________________________________________



Mailing Address:    ________________________________________________________



Work phone: ___________________________



Cell phone: __________________________


VA E-mail address:__________________________


Non- VA E-mail address:__________________________



VA Medical Center Address: ________________________________________________________


Current position or employment:          _________________________


Present association with VA:

        _______ Current chaplain, VA

        _______ CPE Resident

        _______ Retired chaplain

        _______ Military chaplain

        _______ Endorser

        _______ Allied professional, please identify

        _______ Other, please identify



Please Email this completed application to: 

NAVAC Certification Committee Chair 

Chaplain David E. LeFavor, D.Min, BCC


Two ways to pay the $30.00 annual dues

  1. Mail in Check:


P.O. Box 1631

Newport News, VA  23601


   2. ​Paying by PayPal:  

To make that happen for you, please use this internet link: 


Please note: The PayPal link does say "donation", that is the only option that is available in PayPal. However, this link is secure and can also accept credit card input, or if you have a PayPal account, you can log on there. My suggestion is to log on with you PayPal account.






There are two categories of membership. Category A members shall have all rights and Privileges of membership. Category B members shall have all rights and privileges of membership, except the right to vote, the right to hold office as either an officer or Board member, and the right to serve as a committee chairperson.

Category A members include any chaplain who is currently employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs in any of the following ways: a full-time employee, a part-time employee, an intermittent chaplain, a fee-basis

chaplain or a contract chaplain.

Category B members include CPE residents, retired and former VA chaplains, other federal chaplains to include but not limited to military chaplains, endorsers, and allied professionals with an interest in the VA chaplaincy.


Membership applications are to be sent to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Appeals due to a person’s application not being accepted, is to the Board of Directors.


The fee for Professional Membership each year is $30.00, due and payable in January of each year. Should payment not be received by March 1 of each year,  membership becomes inactive until such payment

is made.

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